Events Diary

All events to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the strkie will be posted here in chronological order. If you know of any other events, e-mail us at and we’ll add them to the list.

7th September – Ilkley Film Festival

We’re proud to announce that the first of our monthly Ilkley Live Cinema Experiences beginning on Sunday 7 September will be MINING VISIONS: THE MINERS’ STRIKE 30 YEARS ON, featuring four films, including two very special previews; panel discussions with guests ranging from filmmakers to journalists and miners themselves; filmmaker Q&As, and special guests throughout the day.


From the very beginning of cinema with the stunning archive footage of The Miners’ Hymns, let us take you on a journey through our region’s mining heritage. We move from archive to re-enactment as you are transported to the most violent clash of the 1984 strike in Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave. After a heated panel discussion, we move to present day filmmaking as we give you your first chance to see the brand new documentary Still the Enemy Within, featuring key players in the miners’ strike never before seen on film, before our grand finale preview screening of Pride. The screening is your chance to see the breakout British comedy hit from Cannes Film Festival before anyone else, starring Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton in the amazing true story of how lesbian and gay activists teamed up to support the miners’ strike in spite of backlash from the Unions.

We’re pleased to announce we have invested in a new online ticketing system, so you can now book for just £1 per transaction. Plus, we have great value passes for the whole day for just £15. Tickets are also available in person from Ilkley Visitor Information Centre.

Book now online for what will be a truly memorable day for film in Ilkley.


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  3. Film makers, authors, artists and musicians come together to mark the 30th Anniversary of the miners’ strike
    Still the Enemy Within is a unique event at Rich Mix in East London, bringing together films, archive, music, art and debate from the most important industrial battle in UK history: the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike.
    This daylong event on the 8th March includes a discussion with Seumas Milne, Guardian Associate Editor, on the update of his ground-breaking book ‘The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against the Miners’.
    Seumas will be joined by other speakers like Bridget Bell from the North Staffordshire Miners Wives Action Group, discussing the changing role of women during the strike; Darcus Howe, the well-known civil rights activist and broadcaster, looking at connection between the policing of riots and the strike; Mike Jackson, a founding member of the Gay and Lesbian Miners Support Groups; And Tim Saunders, cartoonist and artist, whose worked featured in Ken Loach’s ‘Which Side are you on?’
    As well as talks, the event will look at the impact the strike had on culture, art and photography, finishing with a DJ set from Test Department and live music from Emile Strunz and local band 52 Commercial Road.
    A highlight of the day will be the UK Premier ‘Miners Shot Down’ a ground-breaking documentary that details the Massacre at the Marikana mines in South Africa through footage taking in the seven days leading up to the tragedy. This will be followed by a Q&A from the team.
    Overall, the day will be an in depth, fascinating look at one of the most exciting and defining periods of the last fifty years and the lessons it has for us today. More details can be found at
    Call box office on 020 7613 7498
    For a full list of speakers and events follow us at @EnemyEvent or check on facebook/StillEnemyWithinDay.

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