Below are a series of downloadable leaflets in PDF format, offering advice on Benefit Changes that may affect you and some ideas about how you can help Unite Community to fight against them.

JSA Sanctions Factsheet 

Bedroom tax TOOLKIT

Guidance on how to avoid and fight against DWP sanctions

Unite Community memership guide

15 Reason to join Unite Community

Unite Guide to Campaigning on-line

No Evictions – Fighting the Bedroom Tax

Benefit Changes – Bedroom tax

Benefit Changes – Council Tax Benefit

Benefit Changes – Disability Living Allowance

Benefit Changes – The Benefit Cap

Benefit Changes – Universal Credit

Don’t lose your benefits – Advice leaflet

Durham Community Support Centre – Coming Soon

How the Bedroom tax affects you and how to fight it

Unite Community have also produces some useful factshhets on the Bedroom Tax – use these to make sure you know exactly what the law says to ensure you are able to assert your legal rights.



No Evictions – Fighting the Bedroom Tax – leaflet

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