County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank

The County  Durham Socialist Clothing Bank opened yesterday at its usual venue- the Miners Welfare Hall in Brandon. Many donations had been received since our last opening and we were well stocked up with men’s clothes and toiletries. As always it was very busy, we are regularly getting 90-100 people through the doors each time we open.


It is almost a year since the Clothing Bank first opened. The volunteers had little idea that what started as a concept to “give out a few clothes” has grown into such a well run initiative. Of course it would not be possible without our helpers who give time, money, clothes, support or any combination of those. The Clothing Bank has become well known locally. Bigger, more established organisations now seek our advice and refer people to us. It is amazing and very humbling to see what we have become. Here’s to the next year!


At the moment we cannot take any more donations of clothes of any kind. all our storage capacity is full. Remember the shipping container we have and are so proud of? It is full, stuffed, completely loaded. As are numerous garages and spare rooms! However we still need toiletries. If you could possibly put an extra bar of soap or deodorant into your weekly shopping, that would be awesome. We have also decided to make up shoe boxes at Christmas for our homeless friends. Visit the County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank facebook page if you would like to know more about what to put into the boxes.


Next opening is on 6th October from 12-2. Usual venue.


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