County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank

After a short summer break the Clothing Bank re-opened yesterday. We had purchased a supply of brand new polo shirts, trousers, skirts, socks, vests and pants for the start of the new school year in a couple of weeks time. We had also received donated school uniforms from parents whose children had either outgrown their uniforms or were moving schools. Thank you to all who donated and a huge thank you to Dawn who did the shopping!


We  were incredibly busy. Although the Clothing Bank does not open until 12, there was a queue of people waiting to come in from around about 11.30.  And that says it all about the current economic climate and the situation people find themselves in. People who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. And, to be honest, even if some appear to have been the architects of their own downfall, who are we to judge? If folk need help or support and we can provide it, then so we should,


A rough estimation showed that well over 100 people used the Clothing Bank yesterday.  A new record. Our colleagues at the food bank next door were also having a busy day. We were also able to help a bride to be by providing a wedding dress. No pictures because  she wants it to be a surprise on the day.



Yesterday was also special because, due to it being the school holidays, we had quite a few mini volunteers. The children and grandchildren of our regular volunteers came to help. They all worked hard putting out clothes and helping to sort things. Two of our younger volunteers went home and proudly told their Dads that they had got jobs and had been paid for their work.  Here they are modelling their wages- Luke in his Christmas jumper and Harley in his Angry Birds hat!

Luke Christmas jumper Harley Angry Birds

Once again many thanks to all our volunteers and donators. As we keep saying we could not do it without you. The next Clothing Bank will be on the 8 September at Brandon Welfare Hall from 12-2. Speaking of the Welfare Hall please have a read of one of our earlier posts here. If you can come along and offer support please do so.


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