Labour Leadership Election

Some Unite Community members have been asking if they have a vote in the upcoming Labour leadership contest. We hope the following explains the procedure

Community members can become affiliate Labour members, the same as our industrial members. This link: will allow them to do this.

Trade union affiliate members can decide for themselves which candidate they vote for. In London, Unite has backed Sadiq Khan, this followed a Mayoral hustings in front of our London lay members who then voted on who to back. While Unite will recommend a vote for Sadiq Khan every union member who has signed up as an affiliated supporter can still vote for who they wish.

For the Labour leadership: on 30thJune there will be a Trade Unions for Labour hustings (all union’s affiliated to LP) – Unite’s lay elected Executive Committee and Political committee will be at that hustings and following it will decide who Unite will back based on policy positions on areas important to Unite members. But again it is only a recommendation and members decide on who they want to vote for themselves. Unite members can watch these hustings at the regional office (please contact us for details if you are interested and we will pass your details to the Regional Office)


One response to “Labour Leadership Election

  1. The millions of lost Labour voters not voting for any other party will not vote Labour again, like me, unless Jeremy Corbyn is leader.

    Some say you’ve lost 4 million voters since 1997. I say you have lost them all, but a few faithful in New Labour.

    Labour lost in 2010 and this year because it is Labour voters not voting and not keeping registered to vote.

    It is in Labour voting areas that has the highest non-voting rate.

    This election Labour held the record in one voting area in England of
    51 per cent non-voters. This is the norm in England and Wales.

    Only Jeremy Corbyn had the courage to stand before the June 20
    anti austerity demo of 250,000 in London, and to walk and stand amongst the crowd as well as making the best statesman speech seen in my lifetime right in Parliament Square, that brought cheers.

    Before the crowd had heard Jeremy Corbyn’s speech, Labour was being heckled with jeers from huge numbers with such obvious statements of WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR 5 YEARS?
    Whilst the march was proceeding towards Parliament Square.

    Whilst Len McClusky was making his speech as UNITE’s General Secretary, at the June 20 demo, the crowd took up the cry chanting CORBYN, CORBYN, CORBYN. And the crowd joined in with fervour.

    And this is a 100,000 pledge for Jeremy Corbyn

    I’m sorry but your candidate did not have the courage of Jeremy Corbyn to stand before the people and give a real Labour speech, not heard since my youth, and I’m nearly two thirds of a century old.
    He is as good as Dennis Skinner.

    Trade unions have lost millions of members, because the growth has been in the Precariat, who can never be unionised in your present way, as too casual, temporary, low waged. The days of permanent full time jobs with good wages, works pensions and holiday rights is decreasing year on year.

    Go for the future.

    In the demo were PODEMOS and SYRIZA.

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