The Big Collection before The Big Meeting

Unite Community in Durham are inviting everyone to come to the Durham Market Square on Friday 10th July and drop their clothes…and food as well, as the Market Square is turned into a collection point for the County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank and local food banks.

On the 10th of July – the day before the Durham Miner’s Gala – we will be asking for an extra day of solidarity, in support of those bearing the heaviest burden of tory austerity.

It is shocking that tens of thousands of families in as rich a nation as the UK can’t afford food, clothing and toiletries. Whilst we campaign to change that, we should also do what we can to help those suffering in the meantime.

We will be in the Market Square from 10:00 until 3:00 on Friday 10th July. If you are able to stop by and give us something from the list that would be great. If you are able to do a bit more, try and set up a collection in your own workplace and we will arrange for it to be collected at the end of the day. A poster and flyer are available to download below.

If you want to arrange a workplace collection or have any questions e-mail us at or phone Robbie Faulds on 07532 083108

Poster image

Poster for 10th July collection
Flyer for 10th July collection


One response to “The Big Collection before The Big Meeting

  1. Fodbanks are not enough now the schools are closing for the summer.

    Thje time has come for a massive increase in social cafes, that feed people at least once a week with a proper cooked meal.

    The over 143,000 kids in food poverty, even with both parents in work, will now go hungry, as lost access to school breakfast clubs and school lunches.

    Isn’t it about time, that school canteens stayed open during term breaks and summer closures?

    Where is the growth of such as the Junk Food Project cafes, to connect with such as the local coffee shops who take food off the shelves about 15 minutes before closing and just chuck it away to landfill.

    Like Costa Coffee shops do.

    Does your local supermarket donate direct to such social cafes?

    The days of foodbanks are over. If you are hungry one day, you are hungry every day.

    With 5 more years of Tories, starvation in or out of work, young or old, can only increase.

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