Andy Burnham and Benefits

Andy Burnham has vowed to “get tough on benefits” if he is elected as Labour leader. You can read about it in this Daily Mirror article

Andy Burnham speech

Andy Burnham

I have a lot of time for Andy Burnham. He’s from Liverpool, I’m from Liverpool. he supports Everton, so do I. I feel like I know him! I was therefore so sad and disappointed when I read his speech. So I emailled him. This is what I said

Dear Mr Burnham, I’ve always thought you are a good sort, I would like nothing more for there to be a Scouse Evertonian as leader of the Labour party and perhaps one day Prime Minister. I have huge admiration for the work you have done for the Hillsborough families. Although I now live in County Durham I too am a chosen not manufactured Evertonian from the south end of our great city.

I was therefore so sad to read your speech today vowing to “get tough on benefits” You appear to have bought into the myth propogated by the media that the poor are lazy, that the disabled are shirkers and the unemployed could find work if they wanted to. I’m not denying that there are people who scam the system, we all know of people who “get everything” without having done a days work in their lives. But everybody on benefits is being tarred with that brush and it is so wrong. If you will indulge me I will tell you why I am sad and why I fear that the most vulnerable members of our society are being criminalised and demonised.

Up until March 2014 I was a Civil Servant working at Land Registry. I was also a PCS rep- specialising in equality. I took redundancy and since then I have been a volunteer activist with Unite Community based in Durham. I help to set up a Clothing Bank- which runs along similar lines to a food bank. We also give out toiletries- not considered to be essential by food banks. We are visited by many people who are absolutely desperate and many are so embarrassed to be there. I have seen a young Mum cry because we provided her with nappies, I have been hugged by a woman with two teenage daughters because I handed over free feminine hygeine products. The gratitude far outweighs the service we provide. It is heart-breaking. we are regularly visited by a group of homeless lads. One of them died a few weeks ago. Of pneumonia. He was twenty two. This is 21st Century Britain. I’ve met a young man who was run over by a car,spent twelve days in hospital and was sanctioned for missing his Job Centre appointment!

I wish you could meet Tommy who I am helping with his benefit assessment. Tommy has been off work sick for two years. He had cancer. He may never be able to return to work because the chemo he had has caused him to lose sensation in his hands and feet. He is a van driver. There is little his company can offer him by way of alternative employment. He had worked for them for 15 years.Tommy got statutory sick pay for six months then nothing, and has claimed ESA. His company say they have been supportive because they have kept his job open- costing them nothing. I wish you could see the way Tommy’s eyes lit up when he told me how he cleaned his van every Saturday, inside and out because it was his place of work and “who wants to work in a tip?”

Unfortunately Tommy and our homeless friends are not news- who wants to read about genuinely ill man claiming benefits he is entitled to. But please Mr Burnham do not fail these members of our society- they need to be helped, they need to be treated with respect and dignity. And, hand on heart, through the work I do, I have yet to meet the seventeen holidays a year, drives a Porsche,60 inch plasma screen telly benefit claimant that you seem to read so much about. And yet all is strangely silent about tax avoidance, where is the outrage and promises to “get tough” on those people and companies who cost the UK billions of pounds a year. Why is nobody taking them on?

I fear I have taken up far too much of your time already. If you win please spare a thought for the weak and vulnerable members of our society who are not architects of their own downfall.

I’ll let you know if he replies


One response to “Andy Burnham and Benefits

  1. It took 5000 signatures on 38 Degrees petition website,
    and a 15,000 Facebook page
    to get a new and sole anti austerity leadership contender of
    Jeremy Corbyn
    Labour MP for Islington North.

    All the other leadership is redundant because New Labour has now lost 2 consecutive elections, and Labour lost worst than it ever did in its history.

    Labour would die without Jeremy Corbyn or his like.

    Labour has lost all reason to exist now, without turning back to the Labour voted since its invention at the turn of the 20th Century.

    Even Mr Corbyn on Newsnight did not comprehend why Labour lost.

    Labour voters have been left behind by Labour more and more over last 50 years. It is Labour voters who do not vote and do not keep registered to vote. A Labour so-called safe seat had a the lowest voter turnout, with a 51 per cent on-voter rate.

    The Tories did not win this year, nor did they win in 2010.

    Look at the voter turnout in Labour voter areas, and you will see this massive non voter turnout turned up to the maximum in England and Wales.

    The danger in this, is that Tory voters do turn out to vote.

    It was justice that Mr Balls lost to a Tory, after saying Labour would not roll back Tory spending cuts and would not change anything in the Autumn last year’s Tory budget.

    Labour did nothing against the flat rate pension that leaves the poorest and especially women with CUT or NIL state pension from next year.

    It was Labour who kept going the Tory raise of retirement age from the 1995 law.

    Labour never brought back their 1975 law that guaranteed pension payout, that the Tories revoked in 1993.

    Neither did Labour do anything about the myth of the SERPs opt out that began on the same day on this mythical SERPs on 6 April 1978.

    Now used to merge SERPs opt out with NI history and wipe each other out.

    Just when the required NI record has risen from 30 to 35 years, when so many have been early retired in lieu of redundancy under the massive austerity job cuts.

    Click the red button for more pages.

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