A reminder about the Political school. It still is not to late to apply if you have not already and would like to go. Details can be found here. This is always a very popular event.



  1. UNITE want to disaffiliate from Labour and might discuss it this year.

    UNITE are thinking of beginning a new worker’s party.

    But UNITE can only be a part of the trade union members, when so many have fallen out of being unionised by privatisation and the growth in employment of the Precariat – too low waged, too temporary, zero hour contracted – to be in a union.

    Union membership, as a result, has fallen by the millions over the last few years.

    A party thart is more inclusive to include ALL the victims of austerity, from the worker suffering cut or stagnated low wages but still in a public job like council ro government, to the hoodwinked new pensioners next year who face NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.

    Would not Mr Len McClusky like to help bring into reality, or the members attending the Durham political school, a new party that offers union members and non-unionised staff some hope for the future.

    If you are quick enough off the mark, you could be the next Elected Mayor of London (not the daft Lord Mayor that would be unfunded).

    The Swans new party

    And click through red button on page to learn more on my other pages.


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