People’s Assembly Demonstration


The People’s Assembly are organising a national demonstration in London on 20 June 2015. The RCO’s are leading for their cluster. If you would like to attend, please let your RCO know.

We will be circulating information to all activists and have set up a temporary email address ( for people to reply to if they are interested in attending.

Durham Community Support Centre's photo.

One response to “People’s Assembly Demonstration

  1. A Daily Mirror article has been expanded by me on a blog that I keep losing becasue of my technophobe old brain.

    Hope it helps in these dire times of starvation and homelessness only to increase:

    This is ot about politics at all, but about basic day to day survival.

    At the end, it is up to people who are not in too dire straits, with time to spare, who might think on the politics bit.

    But the important is for people to not starve now.

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