Volunteers wanted- Woodcraft Folk

Please see the message below from our friends at Woodcraft Folk. If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch as directed

Dear Durham Community Support Centre,

As you may know, Woodcraft Folk, the national children and young people’s organisation, has a long and distinguished history with the trade union movement and continues to work in the North East – with groups in Durham and Stanley being amongst the most active.
Woodcraft Folk is a charity that aims to develop children’s self-confidence and awareness of the world, encouraging equality, friendship and co-operation. Our weekly group activities, weekend trips and summer camps are affordable and open to girls and boys of all faiths and none.

Woodcraft Folk’s primary aim of ‘Education for Social Change’ is enacted through weekly group night activities based around principles of cooperation and equality. Badge work, residential hostel trips, camping adventures, international exchanges and involvement in decision-making are all important elements of the Woodcraft experience for children and adult volunteers alike.

New volunteers will be provided with a training and mentor programme suited to individual and community needs.

We also aim to support social action – where groups of young people take action on an issue they care about and Woodcraft Folk feels that taking practical steps to help out and empower those around us is the best Education for Social Change we can think of! It is also one of the best ways to make friends and develop confidence.
Would you – or anyone in your organisation – like to volunteer with us?
I would also very much appreciate it if you could distribute this e-mail throughout your networks.
There are a number of roles available, ranging from Group Helpers, to Leaders on session nights to more administrative roles. For someone who has been or is already involved in Woodcraft Folk, they may also be interested in being a New Group Buddy.  Other examples can be found on the Woodcraft Folk website e.g. http://woodcraft.org.uk/volunteer-role-descriptions
If anyone would like to find out more, could they please contact the Stanley and Durham Groups direct – and they will get in touch as soon as they can to discuss how someone can contribute:
Durham Woodcraft: durhamcity@woodcraft.org.uk
Thanking you for your co-operation,

Yours faithfully,

Michael Cudlip

Woodcraft Folk
New Groups Support Officer – Co. Durham

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