County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank.

Amazing. Just amazing. Since our appeal for prom dresses a fortnight ago we have received over 40 stunningly beautiful, gorgeous, some still brand new dresses in various colours, shapes and sizes, Check out the Facebook page here for photos of some of the dresses. We have also received shoes and bags, men’s suits, ties and waistcoats. Thank you all so much for your generosity. I know we say it every time but this time the volunteers have been overwhelmed by your kindness.

The latest opening of the Clothing Bank was yesterday (21st) and we were very busy. We estimate that over eighty people came to see us.

CB15We were able to help a family who had lost everything in a fire, our homeless friends and a number of people who were sent to us by the foodbank which operates in the next door hall.

CB18Men’s clothes were very popular this week. We also had a visit from the Local MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods. Unfortunately our photographer missed the photo opportunity so you will just have to trust us- she did come!

CB19We also had another very special visitor who came to meet us- five week old Amy whose Mum  we were able to help during her pregnancy.

CB16 The next Clothing Bank will be on  May 5th, Brandon Welfare Hall 12-2pm. We will have the prom clothes there. We have decided to loan them out rather than give them away- no charge of course. This way we can keep them for future years. Be warned though girls- if you try one on you will suddenly discover that you have at least ten adoptive aunties from amongst the Clothing Bank volunteers who most definitely will want to see what you look like in the dress!


Finally, because of your kindness we are going to have to stop accepting general donations for the next few weeks. We are still short of men’s jeans and toiletries but have plenty of everything else. Many thanks once again.


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