Club Resistance At the People’s Bookshop

A message from our friends at The People’s Bookshop:

Just to let you know that at 4pm this coming Sunday The Peoples Bookshop in Durham have The Kets + Martha Wheatley. This is the last of this series of gigs so you and your members feel welcome to join us for a drink and some great live music. When we planned this Club Resistance project, back in the Autumn, we decided to take it up to the General Election and then see how things stood. The good news is that we’ll certainly be carrying on the idea in some form, but this Sunday will be your last chance in a little while to feel the special atmosphere of a Club Resistance acoustic gig at the bookshop. We kick off at 4pm and will be wrapping up around 6pm. Make sure you don’t miss it. It really is a cracking afternoon’s entertainment.

The Kets

When I first heard The Kets I was put in mind of 90’s acoustic indie rockers Travis or at a push, Cast, only The Kets come primed with an edge born out of being rooted in the ex coalmining heartlands of East Durham. Singer/songwriter and Kets front man Mick Arnell is rapidly reaching the veteran stage, but Mick is ageing well – a bit like Springsteen. And like The Boss, he doesn’t shy away from writing thematic songs about the realities of working class life; take the catchy Peterlee Bad Boys for example – the story of escape from a life without meaning. It’s not all small town stuff though, there a big global issues in The Kets armoury too, like the pointlessness of war and the never ending search for peace.

The Kets grew out of a chance open-mic meeting of like-minded souls. As Mick says, ‘Over the last few years I’ve been dying to put a band together. Easier said than done – all my old muckers are just too old. Lucky for me I’ve somehow stayed connected with the youngen’s. The average age of The Kets minus me is 21. They’ve all been playing and singing for years and apparently they’ve all got GCSE’s in rock n roll. James is studying up at The Sage and Kieran’s been creaming it in for ages gigging and busking with me. Great kids and talented musicians; I consider myself privileged to be working with them’.

Mick Arnell has travelled the world with his guitar in his hand but fortunately for us, the long and winding road has brought him home to Durham. Come and see The Kets play an acoustic set at close quarters right here at ClubResistance@thepeoplesbookshop. It doesn’t get much more gritty than this.


Martha Wheatley

In a sea of singer songwriters thrives a voice that falls someplace between Laura Marling and Suzanne Vega. This particular voice belongs to Newcastle based Scot Martha Wheatley. The self confessed ‘Eternal Wander’ moves seamlessly between genres as fearlessly as she crosses borders; Wheatley effortlessly fuses elements of folk, rap, reggae and even flamenco to conjure an evocative and highly engaging bunch of songs, showcased on her fine 5 track EP, At First Glance. Lucky for us Martha has returned to the North East after spending the winter travelling around Europe playing house concerts, festivals, arts centres, cafe’s, clubs, village halls and inspiring outdoor spaces. Make sure you catch Martha’s eclectic opening set at clubresistance@thepeoplesbookshop Sunday 12th April, 4pm sharp! She’s guaranteed to transport you.



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