County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank

Last Tuesday (7th) saw the latest opening of the Clothing Bank. As it was the Easter holidays, we also had a selection of toys available that had been left over from the Christmas  Clothing Bank. These were hugely popular with the youngsters who attended. Having said that, to the parents of the child who took home the recorder, we’re sorry!

Easter CB2

It was not as busy as previous openings but there was still a steady stream of people through the doors. We were able to provide one of our homeless friends with a sleeping bag and children’s clothes were in demand this week.

Easter CB

A huge thank you to all who donated to us- whether it be time, clothes or toiletries. We could not do it without you. And finally, prom season is coming up. We appreciate that prom dresses are very expensive and girls may want to keep their prom dress forever but if anybody out there has a prom dress they would like to be relieved of, we would gladly take it off your hands.  Teenage years are difficult at the best of times- raging hormones. doomed crushes and nobody understands ever (what do you mean- that was just me!) but every girl deserves a posh frock and a night out once in her life and to have to decline because she cannot afford the dress would be so sad.

Next opening 21st April, Brandon Welfare Hall, 12-2. We are expecting a visit from the MP for Durham.


2 responses to “County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank

  1. Durham voting area and the other Durham voting areas only have Labour to vote for as MP candiates on Thursday 7 May.

    But the poor voter have the real socialists, TUSC, to vote for elsewhere in the North,

    TUSC is 6th biggest party and guaranteed anti austerity MPs, as they are ex-Labour sacked out of the Labour party for voting against austerity cuts.

    No single big party will ever win and rule UK parliament ever again.
    A single party needs to reachthe threshold of 323-326 MP and more to form a UK parliament. Labour is hardly likely to gain as SNP will win throughout Scotland (SNP pays the council tax support and bedroom tax for the poor in Scotland, so they are not made homeless and starve).

    Only a group of parties can do that for any forseeable future.

    (Trade Unioinist and Socialist Coalition)


    Norman Hall

    Newcastle East
    Paul Phillips

    North Tyneside
    Tim Wall

    Washington and Sunderland West
    Gary Duncan

    Hull West and Hessie
    Paul Spooner

    The poor now outnumber all other voters.

    The poor are now mostly those in work, who are the majority now going to foodbanks.

    The big parties did not win in 2010.
    They got the MP job because most people did not vote.

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