County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank was open at Brandon Welfare Hall yesterday. As always, many thanks to our helpers and donors for their generosity.CBank 1

As always there was a steady stream of people through the doors- children’s clothes seemed to be popular this time. We also heard that Unite The Union branch based at Nissan have donated £500 to The Clothing Bank.  Huge thank you to them.

CBank 2

However, the most exciting thing that happened to the Clothing Bank this week was the delivery of this beauty, bought for us by Unite Community

WP_000234 (1)

Our very own storage container, delivered today. This will enable us to store the clothes and toiletries in one location – rather than the four we currently use and will also increase the amount of space we have.WP_000240

Shelves and insulation are being put into the container in the next few days by DIY-savvy volunteers. It is not an exaggeration to say that we love our container!


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