County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank opened its doors today at Brandon Miners Welfare Hall from 12 until 2. As always we have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people who donate clothes, toiletries, their time and, in the case of the GMB Tyne and Wear branch, a £25 cheque. Thank you all.


The Clothing Bank was busy for the two hours it was open. We were pleased to welcome colleagues from Destiny Streetworx who feed up to 150 homeless people every Saturday at Pilgrim Street, Newcastle. They also offer a freshly prepared hot meal and drinks and  provide a Food Bank for those in need. We were happy to help them with clothes and toiletries to take back to their street  friends (check out their facebook page for more information)

004Another success today was an elderly lady who was desperate for a winter coat. At a size 6 this had been proving difficult but today, amongst the donations, was a warm, winter coat that fitted her perfectly. She was so happy to receive it.


The next Clothing Bank will be on 24th February, same time, same venue. We have been contacted by other groups who are hoping to follow our model and open Clothing Banks in Chester Le Street and Ferryhill. There are no firm plans yet but watch this space.


Once again, thanks to all who made today possible. As we always say it is a very humbling experience to be part of this. Food banks, Clothing Banks in 21st Century Britain. Who ever would have thought in our civilised, first world society it would come to this? But the bankers are still alright, corporate fat cats are still avoiding  billions of pounds in tax and that would seem to be all that matters.  There is a joke doing the rounds, it is worth retelling. A banker, a migrant and a UKIP voter are sat around a table. On the table is plate containing 10 biscuits. The banker takes nine of the biscuits and then turns to the UKIP voter and says “watch out there, mate, that migrant is after your biscuit”. Which just about says it all.



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