County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank opened its doors for the third time last week at Brandon. We estimate that between 60 and 80 people used the clothing bank today, which is, in its own way is terrible, but only because it shouldn’t be necessary in 2014. Overall, with our and the Foodbank helpers, those who came into drop things off for us and others, it was very busy and a large hall looked full a lot of the time

Word must be spreading, and it was good to see a lot of clothes gone & we have plenty more, so don’t worry! The little boys, toddler clothes, just went in a flash. As did adult jumpers. We helped out a lot of people not just with clothing but also furniture and baby buggies. We try and help everyone where we can from cradle to the elderly we have something for everyone

We would like to thank a numb er of people for their help- all our donators, John Gaines, the manager and committee at Brandon Welfare Hall, who have been fantastic, the Durham Miners Association at Redhills, GMB, Unite Community and the granddaughter of a Durham miner who read about us and sent a private donation. We think you are all marvellous!

Our next clothing bank is the 9th December where we will have clothing, shoes, toiletries, toys and sweeties for the children for Christmas. Thank you to all those that helped out today, Trevor, Anne, Kathy and her sister. Awesome helpers yet again


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