Save Red Ladder Theatre Company

Red Ladder Theatre Company is a national touring theatre company, funded by the Arts Council England and Leeds City Council. It is based at the Yorkshire Dance Centre, Leeds.

The company was founded in London in 1968, during the Vietnam War, as a radical socialist theatre known as agitprop. The company moved to Leeds in the 70’s and is still based in the city. During the 80’s, the company changed its co-operative structure to a hierarchy and became a company that specialised in targeted work for youth audiences.

In 2011, it ran a play called Promised Land, an adaptation of Anthony Clavane’s book about Leeds United.

Last July, here in Durham Red Ladder performed thg play “We’re Not Going back” about the role of women in the miners’strike of 1984

Red Ladder’s Arts Council funding will cease from April 2015. In response to a fundraising campaign to save the company, author David Peace has donated the theatre rights to his novel The Damned Utd.

If you would like to help this unique theatre company that has been going for 46 years you can read how to do it by accessing this link

Save Red Ladder

All donations would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance


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