Mr Wharton once again

James Wharton MP has certainly caused a stir today following his criticism of the County Durham Socialist Clothing Bank. We have already detailed his comments and the response from Unite In the Community. The story however has been picked up by other news outlets. The Morning Star has been in touch with the Durham Branch and are looking to print the story tomorrow.  The Huffington Post ran the story earlier today. You can read that article here:

Huffington Post

We may be cynical  here in Durham but is it just co-incidence that a mere two weeks ago Mr Wharton was said to be “delighted” to be elected to the Board of the Conservative Party who act as “the ultimate decision making body of the party, overseeing candidate selection, fundraising, campaigning and all other party activities.” Is criticising the Clothing Bank  a way to make his mark and impress his new best friends? No, couldn’t possibly be…. Finally we would like to thank Mr Wharton for the huge amount of  free publicity his comments have given to the Clothing Bank. We couldn’t have done it better ourselves!


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