Our Branch area makes the national news- Stanhope Care Home photo

Vulnerable pensioners being turfed out of care homes due to Coalition cuts

A Mirror investigation has revealed David Cameron has vital care budgets, which has forced homes to close and others unable to cope with demand.

North News
Forced out: Pensioner Don Robson

Vulnerable pensioners are being thrown out of care homes shut down by cruel Coalition cuts, leaving them struggling to find places to live.

A Mirror investigation found heartless David Cameron is betraying OAPs, some aged over 100, by slashing vital care budgets in his war on public services.

And the crisis is also hitting the private sector where homes are unable to cope with demand as those forced out of local authority centres look for alternatives.

Civic chiefs are now pleading with pensioners to stay in their own ­properties longer.

Union chiefs have branded the closures a “shocking example of ­devastating cuts” and critics fear they will cost lives.

One council, Doncaster, South Yorks, is shutting all seven of its care homes to save £1.9million a year – after being ordered to slash £38million.

North NewsDon Robson
Protest: Don Robson

It means 134 frail and sick old folk will now have the added misery of finding somewhere else to live.

Tory-controlled Devon county council is trying to close 20 care homes housing 260 OAPs, many in very poor health.

The plan is on hold after protestors lodged a court challenge against the closures, which will cost 750 jobs.

In Southend, Essex, the last two council-run care homes are to shut.

Dementia sufferer Vicky Saunders, 84, has lived at one, Delaware House, since February.

Husband Stan, 85, of nearby Southchurch, said: “She has calmed down since being there and the staff have become her family. She will be so upset if she moves.

In Cleethorpes, Lincs, 109-year-old Vera Rostron, who is blind, deaf and ­crippled by arthritis, was kicked out of her Farringford care home when it closed this month.

Vera said: “I am going to miss all the ­kindness.”

The home’s former manager Pam Gammons added: “More people are staying in their own homes. They are vulnerable and having people come to their home does not provide the ­continuity of care we do.”

A relative of another OAP booted out said: “It is very distressing for her.”

Durham county council has shut five care homes. Resident Don Robson, 84, staged a “one-man” sit-in to protest against the closures.

The REAL impact of the cuts

Former headteacher Don Robson was forced out of his care home on his 84th birthday.

The dad-of-three, who has five grandchildren and three great grandchildren, had staged a sit-in protest for a week before moving out, and was the last resident to go.

He said: “I really loved living here, I did not want to move.

“It came out of the blue – we were all really settled. But the council don’t care about me or the other residents.”

North NewsDon Robson
Protest: Pensioner Don Robson

His son Stephen, 53, campaigned to save Newtown House, in Stanhope, Co Durham, for the area it serves, but will now look after his dad at home.

He said: “There are elderly people wondering where they will end up.”

Durham county council, which moved many of the other residents to privately-run homes, says it will save £22,000 per person each year.

Head of adult care Lesley Jeavons said: “It is simply not possible in the current financial environment to continue to provide in-house residential care.”

It has shut four other care homes.


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