Unite in Schools

Unite recognises that young people often have little or no knowledge of trade unions.  Reports show that even when at work, they invariably believe that there is no redress when they are treated badly. This policy has been developed to support the Unite agenda of raising awareness on the role and value of trade unions to young people at an early age.  By speaking directly to young people at school, we have an opportunity to show them that by collective action, trade unions can empower workers to improve their working lives.  Reaching out to young people at secondary school is particularly important as this is a time when we can influence their view on trade unions before they enter the world of work and when they are undertaking work experience.”

Unite Community have been given the task of taking Trade Union Education into our Secondary Schools. We have already Trained 20 Unite / Unite Community Members to deliver these sessions in the North East Yorkshire and Humberside Region if you have any contacts with school governors or N.U.T Representatives who you think may be interested in this project please contact joe.rollin@unitetheunion.org with their contact details.

Here is some of the material we have developed

Unite Schools Pack

What Have Unions Done For Us?

And here is what the Daily Mail thought of our efforts to teach young people their rights at work!

Militant Union plots to recruit schoolchildren


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