Gamekeepers turned poachers

Demonstration against benefit cuts, Durham A trio of former DWP staff disgusted by the coalition governments treatment of the unemployed, with sanctions reaching record levels for the most spurious of reasons, have taken the brave decision to stand up for what they believe is right and dedicate their time to helping people to fight back against the draconion policies of the DWP.

WOrking from home, they have set up a website giving tips on how to fight against sanctions and will help to prepare appeals against decisions.

Their initiative has quickly gained the support of others who are dealing with the fallout from this governments policies.

If anyone needs reminding of why what they are doing is important, this excellent new article from the Guardian looks at the tragic effect of sanctions on thos eunlucky enough to be caught in the trap:

Unite Community fully supports the work they will be doing and hope that their knowledge, along with our own advice on sanctions will help the thousands of people unjustly sanctioned fight back and get unfair decisions overturned.


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