People’s March For Jobs

HEALTH campaigners will retrace the steps of the original Jarrow Marchers as part of their fight to protect the NHS.

Several hundred people are expected to take part in a mass rally outside Jarrow Town Hall on Saturday, August 16, before a group of NHS campaigners head off on the 300-mile march to London.

Evoking memories of the famous 1936 Jarrow Crusade, when 200 jobless men marched from the town to Westminster to demand work, the event is billed as The People’s March for the NHS, with health protesters aiming to cover up to 16 miles a day, reaching the capital on September 6.

If you are able to join the march at any point then please do. Show your support for the NHS, show this Government that we are against their plans to privatise it and that it is our most prized, and best loved, national asset.

                                People's March POSTER colour


2 responses to “People’s March For Jobs

  1. I’ll be there along with my son walking the first stage from Jarrow to Chester le Street in support of our beloved NHS.

    A couple of dates that may be of interest

    6 August – Sunderland rally for The People’s March for the NHS , 7pm, Sunderland Age UK, Stockton Road – speakers include march co-organiser and ‘Darlo mum’ Rehana Azam, Dr Geoffrey Walker (Labour Party) and Alison Whalley (NE Green Party MEP candidate) –

    13 August – Fundraising gig for the #march4nhs, 7.30pm, Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland (Tickets £6, Concessions £3) – with live music from:

    Americana singer songwriter
    Funky grooves / electronica
    Holler Folk Singer/Musican
    Bluesy singer from Darlington

  2. I was there and walked the first stage with my son, but then I continued walking all the way to London to be met by thousands!


    Because OUR NHS is being dismantled and sold off bit by bit to private profiteers right under our noses. Wake up and fight to keep OUR beloved NHS publicly owned.

    Join the campaign.
    Twitter: @999CallforNHS
    Facebook: 999CallForTheNhs

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