Banner design session a success

Unite Community activists held a public session to begin designing a new banner, which was attended by a good mix of older and younger activists, inspiring some excellent ideas for what a banner should look like.

Opening speaker Alan Cummings, Chair of the Durham Miners Association spoke of the importance of a banner reflecting the continuing struggles of today and into the future as well as remembering the 30 years of struggle following the miners strike. Heather Wood and Pat McIntyre shared a range of memories from the strike, in particular around the role played by women and local communities, stressing the importanc eof their being involved at the very heart of any community campaigning.

Joe Rollin, Unite Community Regional Co-ordinator, outlined the iportance of the Community membership project to Unite, and the wider TU movement, outlinning the support received from other unions, such as encouraging their retired members to become active. Joe also talked about the importance of designing a banner which appealed to young people, and recognised the new methods of campaigning which have developed in recent years through groups like UK Uncut, Occupy and The People’s Assembly.

Final speaker Paul Simpson, a Unite Community member and organiser for the People’s Asembly, touched on the importance of getting young people involved in the work and campaigns of Unite Community, and demonstrating the Trade Union movement is as important to their lives as it was top their parents and grandparents.

The event attracted coverage in the local press, with the Norther Echo in attendance

A selection of photos from the day are below.








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