People’s Assembly National Conference

Unite Community members were amongst the 700+ delegates in attendance at the People’s Assembly Against Austerity national conference held in London on Saturday.

Proceeding began with a tribute of a minute’s applause for Tony Benn and Bob Crow, both of whom had sadly passed away during the week. The conference then went on to honour their memories in the only way they would have wanted – by stepping up the fight against the government’s austerity agenda.

The People’s Assembly now has over 100 local groups, and 30,000 contacts nationally. AMongst the motions agreed was to employ two part time workers, and to seek funding through both individual and organisational affiliations & donations.

An action plan was agreed for the year ahead, to include a Budget Day protest, a Notional demonstration against Austerity on 21 June, a large protest at the Tory conference on 28 September and to join the TUC demonstration in London on 18th October.

A full report will be available on the near futire on the People’s Assembly website

Below are a selection of images fromt he day.

Peoples assembly (4)

Peoples assembly (1)

Peoples assembly (2)

Peoples assembly (3)


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