Take action now to scrap the bedroom tax

On Wednesday there is another chance to get rid of the Bedroom Tax!

Dear Colleague

Parliamentary vote – Wednesday 12 February 2014

We don’t need to tell you the misery the bedroom tax is inflicting on hundreds of thousands of people. Labour MP, Ian Lavery has worked hard to get this vote in parliament but if your MP doesn’t support him, nothing is going to happen.

Please take a moment to ask your MP to help get rid of the Bedroom Tax.

Unite members have fought the Bedroom Tax since it was announced, through the implementation last April and are determined as ever as we approach the 1st anniversary. That pressure has seen some success, last week the Scottish government banished the Bedroom Tax and the Labour Party have promised to scrap it if they win the general election in 2015.
We know that for thousands 2015 is simply too far away.

The Bedroom Tax vote comes straight after Prime Minister’s Questions, often a pantomime of childish cheering and insult throwing – but most MPs attend PMQ’s then quickly vanish.

Ask your MP to stay in their seat and vote down the Bedroom Tax

We know more and more MPs are using social media like Twitter, we want to make sure that as well as filling up their email inboxes, the stand against the Bedroom Tax is on their Twitter profiles. Please tweet your MP to ask or encourage them to vote against the Bedroom Tax using the hashtag #BedroomTax.




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