Unite Community protesting against “Benefits Street”

Unite Community Campaigners organised a demonstration against the producers of the TV series “Benefit Street” after the show, to the dismay of those who were duped into appearing, was edited to stereotype benefit claimants in the worst possible light.

Benefits Street protest

Described by some comentators as “poverty porn” the show focused only on those who had addiction problems or were involved in crime – problems which are far more common in our society than simply amongst those on benefits – and ignored the strong sense of community and willingness to help each other out of those unfortunate enough to be unemployed in the current economic climate.

Unite Community organised a protest of the London offices of the production company “Love Productions” and raised the question of why there have been no similar shows highlighting the millions of pounds in bonuses still being creamed out of our economy by the very same bankers who caused the economic catastrophe the most vulnerable in society are being forced to pay for.

See this Guardian rerport for more details of the protest


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