Activists Gain Practical Skills to be the Voice of Our Campaigns

The main chamber of the Durham Miners’ Association HQ at Red Hills was the prestigious venue for the Public Speaking Course (Level 1). This was attended by 14 activists, which included Unite Community Activists, Branch Officers and Union Learning Reps.

The two-day course was held on the 19th and 26th November. The first day of the course focused on the theory behind speaking in public. The activists used this knowledge to prepare their own speeches, which were delivered and filmed on the second day of the course. Activists gained important new practical skills and confidence which they intend to use to lead their own campaigns in the workplace and in the community. These include campaigns on benefits attacks, lifelong learning, the impact of austerity on women and Unite Community being the catalyst for trade union growth.

Public Speaking Course 1

Dave Hopper, DMA General Secretary, gave up his time to speak to activists attending the course. He inspired the activists with words of advice, gained from his own considerable experience of speaking in front of 100,000 strong audiences at the annual Durham Miners Gala, over many years.

‘’I think the course was very useful in building confidence and helping with campaigning. Listening to the speeches and the subsequent analysis did help a lot to show where and how improvements could be made. Everyone put a lot into the course, tutors and students’’. John Kelly (Durham GEO/29 Branch)

‘’Thought the course was very good in relation to preparing and presenting a speech , good examples used on video and was done in a very supportive positive manner. I have only been involved a year with campaigning and felt that my peers of union reps were very supportive too. Think my speech making will continue to improve as a result. Thank you for the time and effort that went into building this and look forward to follow up’’. Community Activist Maria Nelson

Public speaking course 2

If you want to gain practical skills in courses such as Public Speaking, Graphic Design or a New Media please contact David Condliffe on 0779 111 3806 or email


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