NUM Political School & Unite Training

The National Union of Mineworkers recently held a political school at Scalby Hall, where members of Unite and Unite Community were kindly invited to give a range of presentations, continuing the joint work of the organisations.

NUM political school 5NUM political school 1NUM political school 6

Under the heading “United we Bargain, Divided we Beg”, Unite contributed three sifferent topices to the school.

Joe Rollin, Unite Community Organiser gave a presentation entitled “how do we fight back”, on the important work Unite Community are doing in organising unemployed workers to join the fight back against the governements austerity agenda.

David Condliffe, Unite Education, spoke about the training Unite offer to their members, including the  courses which will be run from the Durham Community Support Centre.

Richard Vivian, a Unite COmmunity member from the Barnsley Community Support Centre spoke about the welfare reforms being introduced by the ConDem government, anbd the political context behind these attacks.

NUM political school 2

NUM political school 4

An important part of the help and advice being offered in the Durham community Support Centre will be putting Welfare and Employment advice into a political context – something which many other organisations are not able to do.

As well as helping people with the issues they face, Unite Community and the Durham Miners Association agree it is important that they are aware of WHY their benefits and rights are under attack, and so will see the importance of joining in fighting against the attacks taking place.

NUM political school 3

NUM political school 7

The Durham Community Support Centre is commited to not only helping people with their individual welfare and employment problems, but to also helping empower them to challenge the political attacks which have caused these problems in the first place.

Please remember to come along and show your support for this by attending the Grand Opening on the 15th November – full details can be found here


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