Unite Activists Up-skill to Get our Message out through Old and New Media

On the 23rd and 24th October 23 Unite Community Activist, Workplace Reps and Unite Officials attended a Graphic Design and New Media course. The emphasis was on gaining practical skills to assist with our campaigns and get our message out to a wider audience.  These two days assisted to link our Community and Workplace agendas: with the central aim to WIN both industrially and in wider society.

The materials produced on day 1 covered our campaigns on :- Food Banks, ATOS, Yorkshire Ambulance dispute, workplace education, benefits and the bedroom tax.

Graphic Design and New Media Course Oct 2013

Activists on the course

new materials

A range of new campaigning materials was produced by the newly trained activists

Day 2 concentrated on assessing the usefulness of New Media and how to dovetail both to assist WIN our campaigns. Each attendee was tasked to produce blog around their particular campaign.

Tim McSharry (Head of Disability and Diversity Access Committee for Leeds) Unite Community Activist commented. ‘Just a quick note on behalf of Phil, Damian and me, to offer
our most sincerest thanks to you and Unite the Union for yesterday`s Digital Media Training.
The training was outstanding and it will undoubtedly enable us to raise our game across every aspect of our campaigning and peer-advocacy work. You and Neil should hopefully receive the proof of the pudding in the near future. With many thanks again and very kindest regards, Tim.

These courses are part of a series of practical schools to assist build the skills set of our Community Activists. Public Speaking Courses are planned for Barnsley and Durham in November.

If you have any ideas on what courses you would like delivered  (for example making good use of Twitter) please contact me on 0779 111 3806 or email me on david.condliffe@unitetheunion.org


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  1. Reblogged this on Unite Community Grimsby and commented:
    Unite Community Grimsby members attended this fantastic course and learnt valuable skills to help us fight back against austerity in Grimsby more effectively.

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